The Ruppert Family Foundation

A Community Resource for Civic Growth



The Ruppert Family Foundation Mission

The Ruppert Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to continuing the Ruppert Family legacy of active civic engagement.  

The Ruppert Family Foundation aims  to recognize, foster and grow Franklin-area community leadership,  achievement and fellowship through the award of donations, scholarships and grants.  

The Ruppert Family Foundation will partner with other area non-profits and civic-minded organizations to maximize the impact of existing local resources to better our community.

The Ruppert Family Foundation shall utilize the principles of effective altruism to consider all causes and actions to bring about the greatest positive impact for our greater-Franklin Community.



The Ruppert Family Foundation Board of Directors, 2013 - 2016

Paul M. Ruppert, Chair

Gregory P. Ruppert, Vice Chair

Jeffrey A. Ruppert

Morgan N. Ruppert

Davis A. Ruppert

The Ruppert Family Foundation Officers, 2013 - 2016

Paul M. Ruppert, President

Gregory P. Ruppert, Vice President / Director of Programs & Giving

Jeffrey A. Ruppert, Executive Director / Treasurer

Morgan N. Ruppert, Secretary


HUMSTON FUND #1 CROPPED 12 25 2012.jpg

The Asa & Dorothy Humston Community Fellowship Fund has been established by the RFF to honor the lives and character of Asa Humston and Dorothy (Chamberlain) Humston, lifelong active residents of the greater Franklin community.  

Asa & Dorothy Humston - 70th Wedding Anniversary, 2013

Asa & Dorothy Humston - 70th Wedding Anniversary, 2013

Asa and Dorothy are known throughout Franklin for their sociable, kind and generous spirits.   They personify the "good neighbor," and it is this legacy that the RFF hopes to perpetuate through gifts and grants made through the Humston Community Fellowship Fund.


Asa & Dorothy Humston Community Fellowship Fund Advisory Panel, 2013 - 2016

Gregory P. Ruppert, Chair

Asa Humston (Honorary) 

Dorothy Humston (Honorary) 

Sue A. Ruppert

Linda Tomlinson

Shannon McMichael Ruppert

Dr. Kara E. A. Marciani

Davis A. Ruppert

Jackson A. Ruppert